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Looking for marketing automation services for email automation, filtered email extensions for targeted customers, lead management and more of such automation-related tasks? We have got the experts at Mountainise who can help you with these tasks and more using the Pardot platform. All you gotta do is reach out to us. For that, click below:

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At Mountainise, our Pardot experts will give you services related to lead scoring, email marketing, and lead generation, and be able to use reports to make data-driven decisions. Our experts are:




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After you sign up on our website, our experts have one-on-one conversations with you to understand your business model and the issues that you are facing. Once your problem is identified and all the expectations from your side are approved by our experts, we formulate a schedule for our experts to execute the change to enhance your marketing automation related tasks. For one-on-one conversation, reach out to us now!

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Industry: Insurance Company
Country: Hingham, MA


The company was facing the problem of data visualization and email spamming. The former one was hindering them from tracking their progress, while the later one was a problem for their customers since they were getting the emails that were of no use to them.


Using the platform of Pardot, our experts did dashboarding of all the information of the company’s customers through data integration to cater to the problem of data visualisation. In addition, there was also an issue pertaining to email spamming. For solving the issue, we improved their HTML dynamic content.


As a result of the implementation of Pardot, we were able to solve the company’s problems. Resultantly, the company was able to visualise their data. Besides, since there was no issue of data clashing after improvement of the dynamic content of HTML, there was no issue of email spamming now.

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