Who doesn’t love the word free? Do you find it painful to spend money when you don’t want to, but you have to? No one wants to have a face that people make while paying for something expensive but mandatory. 

Guess what?

You are not the only one to feel that way. Especially when you are running an online business, you have to deal with many expenses. 

You start with paying for permits and licensing and end up spending huge on marketing and advertising. Of course, nobody is going to buy something that no one has heard of.

Many young aspiring entrepreneurs overestimate the ease of entry for an online business. They almost forget that they need a lot more than the budget for the cost of production. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be a significant shareholder of your income. In case you have forgotten, SEO is the reason behind your traffic and finally conversions. 

If expertly done, you can take away a big chunk of money from your pocket. 

Yes, SEO can be expensive. In 2020, SEO projects can cost between $750-$2000/month based on the scope of the project. 

A one-time project will range between $5,000-$30,000, and consultants’ hourly rates fall between $80-$200/hour.

SEO is a very painstaking process. One has to go through a lot to design a site that will attract visitors’ eyes. 

Fortunately, many AI-based marketing tools help you a lot. If you are into an online business, you don’t have other options than to rely on these tools.

These AI-based marketing tools can cost you an arm and a leg. According to our research, these SEO tools can cost you as much as $50 to $130 a month.


These pricey SEO tools can prove to be very expensive. But do you have another option? What if we tell you that you have one?

Fortunately, there are many ‘free’ SEO tools that can make a dent on your expenses. With these free tools, you are getting extra traffic, money, reputation, rank, riches, etc. 

Sounds like a fair deal.

But the downside is some of these tools are junk. 

But we are presenting you with our go-to collection of the free SEO tools. These tools are intuitive, slick, powerful, practical -and best of all- totally free.

SEO Tool

Google Analytics

You can’t live without air, Right? In the same way, Online marketers can’t survive without Google Analytics. And this is a fact.

If you have never used Google Analytics, we recommend you to start using it as soon as possible. There is no competition for Google Analytics, as there is no data source that provides high quality and detailed information like Google Analytics.

In this Google-dominated era, you don’t have many options. It’s what you have to work with. You will observe that all the other SEO tools are like a piggyback on Google’s data using API.


The importance of Google Analytics is undeniable. It is the critical source of getting all the actionable and essential data about site visitors, traffic, etc.

More Help

You can learn more about Google Analytics and how you can use it to get the data you want from the blog written by our team.

Google Search Console

If Google Analytics is like air to Online Marketers, then we can say Google Search Console is the food that Online Marketers eat. You just can’t survive with this too.

The word ‘webmaster’ in the former name was a misnomer. The tool does a lot more than a webmaster. It’s for SEO. The prime focus of GSC is ‘search’ and ‘optimization’.

One can observe some of the insights of GSC by just glancing at the dashboard. If you are a Marketer or have anything to do with SEO, you have to stay updated with the dashboard every now and then.

GSC provides some of the same data like Google Analytics but more simply and straightforwardly. You can access the number very quickly without doing a lot of tweaking with them. 

One of the most essential datasets is the link data. You can access it by navigating to Search Traffic / Links to your sites / More. 

Google Search Console is very useful while dealing with dread manual penalties or routinely disavowing stubborn spam links.  

There is nothing that can beat Google Search Console and its tools for measuring your site’s search traffic and performance, fixing issues, and making your site shine on Google Search results.


It should be as clear as day to all the SEOs that the use of GSC is indispensable. You will always find yourself running behind data, and for that, you need tools, and you need power.

We wish that more SEOs knew the value of GSC and used it more.

getting all the actionable and essential data about site visitors, traffic, etc.

More Help

You can learn about Google Search Console from here.


Knowledge is what you gain when you play with the Mozbar. If you think SEO has a lot to do with knowing stuff. With MozBar, you will be able to get things at a glance.

The MozBar button sits on the top-right corner of your browser’s toolbar- a place where all the action is going on.

For using MozBar, you just have to click on the button. By doing so, it will generate a quick report about the website you are visiting.

You can also position the MozBar at the top, bottom, or side of your browser’s window.

The toolbar will display three main categories of data – Page Element, Page Attributes, Link Data.

  • Page Elements shows the nuts-and-bolts of the on-page SEO. You can see a lot of information by just looking for it at once. Here you will find many tags like title, description, H1s, etc.
  • Page Attribute consists of some below-the-surface onsite optimization features such as robots, rel=” canonical” and load time. Also, you can find information about on-page link data here.
  • The Link Data tab contains ranking factors and some additional information about the site’s links.

Although complete information is available only with a paid subscription.

MozBar’s true power is available to all those who subscribe. And it’s worth every cent spent on its service.

If you are still in the startup-cash-strapped phase, folks at Moz are kind enough to give this robust version of their tool.

More Help

You can learn more about MozBar from here.

SEO Workers Analysis Tools

With the Analysis tool, you can plug in any website’s URL to get the report. The important feature is that the website may not necessarily be yours. You can get a report about any website.

SEO workers don’t provide anything. The same things you will get from other tools. But the reason we included this in our list of favorites is that it does help save a lot of your time while analyzing the site. 

Furthermore, it also provides background information on that data.

The best thing about the report is that it is quick and detailed.

You will find some data like HTTP headers Check under-the-hood stuff that you wouldn’t think to check for normally.

Another amazing feature provides helpful icons to show you are doing well, or if you need to pay attention to something.

Another unique feature on SEO Workers is that they teach you about SEO and show you the SEO data that actually matters. 

Within each category, the report provides a brief discussion, with often a video featuring Matt Cutts.

Moreover, the keyword analysis by a SEO Workers is quite comprehensive. It displays head terms (single Keywords) and two-, three-, and four-word keyphrases (longtail keyphrases).


SEO Workers can be a source of a lot of information. You will find the data and information different from other SEO and reporting tools. An experienced SEO may find the discussion in each section superfluous. But for new SEOs who are still learning the tricks of the trade, this can be helpful.

More Help

Need to learn more about SEO Workers? Learn more from here.


At first, you may be thinking that you are looking at another freemium website analyzer. But don’t haste in establishing an opinion about WooRank because it’s not what it looks like.

Upon closer inspection, however, you will notice that it gives you handy insight into some not-so-obvious stuff.

You can analyze any website and generate reports in seconds.

Although the tool may sometimes show false alerts reports for your site, you can skip those. You don’t have to be baffled on these.

Now onto the more positive things.

The geodata provided by the tool is very insightful. However, you can find similar information through analytics.

Another surprising feature that will surely stop you from making light of this tool is the mobile section.

You will find a few SEO tools in the market that provide you with this level of data and perspective.


For its ease in the interface and amount of data you get, WooRanks manages to get high marks. But the downside is that not all data seems accurate.

WooRank redeems itself with the mobile optimization overview, which is critical for today’s marketers.

More Help

If you want to learn more about WooRank, go here.

Last Words

If you are serious about SEO, you have to pony up the cash to buy paid subscriptions for the right tools. 

But with the help of the tools we have mentioned above, you are going to make do with tools.