Various brands are delivering similar products and services. So, a business’s primary challenge is to make sure that its target audience views and buys its products. Presence on e-commerce platforms like Shopify is not enough. You can advertise your products by investing a handsome amount of money in marketing, or you can work on Shopify SEO. SEO optimization of Shopify will help businesses in increasing organic traffic. 

As we already know that Shopify is one of the best cloud-based software designed specifically for e-commerce businesses to sell online. With Shopify, companies can easily set up online stores and provide a seamless shopping experience.  

Let’s discuss in detail how businesses can make their products easily accessible for more sales on Shopify. 

Shopify SEO

You may have probably heard about SEO hundreds of times before and think that what’s the hype all about? 

Trust us that Shopify SEO is important enough to stay in the spotlight regarding digital marketing. Here is a list of the most important Shopify SEO tips to improve your store’s search engine ranking and help customers find your products.

1.Keyword Research and Planning 

Suppose you have created a Shopify store online selling high-quality organic products that are highly beneficial for our health and skin. But after a while, you may think that your sales are not as expected. Organic product consumption is an increasing trend; then why are you not getting enough orders? 

Evaluate your digital presence and observe that if your products are discoverable when people search for organic products or not. In this case, you will start improving your organic traffic by searching for relevant keywords. 

According to your target audience, the free tools and software used to search for related keywords include Uber suggest, Hubspot, Google Keyword Planner. 

Ubersuggest extension is easy to activate. By selecting your location and related keywords, businesses can create a list of keyword search volumes and competition. 

For ideal organic search results, search for the keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Ubersuggest SEO keyword explorer
Keyword explorer

In the above example, the ideal keyword search is shown. Similarly, Google Ads, Keywords Planner can be used.

Go to Google Ads >Tools > Keyword Ideas > Search (keyword/domain)

Google keyword planner
Keyword planner

The whole list regarding organic skin and health care products is available. 

Now you know how various keywords can be selected and incorporated in your Shopify SEO planning and execution to rank your page and increase organic traffic. 

Around 92% of traffic is focused on the first page of search engines. Once you successfully optimize your e-commerce website, you will make it to the top of search results. This will bring you more traffic and ultimately higher sales. 

2.Long Tail Traffic

When you formulate a list of keywords relevant to your products and services, then another way for Shopify SEO is to incorporate the most used keywords for long-tail search. 

Businesses must keep in mind that millions of people search by using more than four words, known as long-tail traffic. To optimize your Shopify SEO and rank on top, using words like;

  1. Affordable
  2. Cheap
  3. Best
  4. Deals
  5. Discount
  6. Sales 
  7. Online
  8. Free Delivery/ Shipping etc., can triple your organic traffic. 

3.Click Magnets 

There are ways to increase your traffic by paid advertising and CPC but first, make sure that you have enhanced and optimized your Shopify website and page. 

The only use of correct words can remarkably increase your traffic. On your website, the adequate use of click magnets like;

  1. Flat X% off 
  2. Money-Back Guarantee
  3. Lowest Price
  4. Overnight Shipping
  5. Smart Pack 
  6. Buy one get one 

It is common knowledge that every customer wants to make a smart decision to buy almost everything. The audience deliberately searches for products on sale. 

Therefore, using words that cannot help your audience to resist leads to endless scrolling. This leads to increased traffic and conversion rate. 

4.Avoid Duplicate Content

Most businesses avoid the effort of coming up with creative content, and they copy-paste chunks of content from other competitors’ websites. 

This practice formulates duplicate content, and it is one of the significant reasons why eCommerce websites like Shopify sink your Google SERP. 

Therefore, the business must commit to the creative content of every page and in every product description. 

5.Latent Semantic Index (LSI)

Google’s mathematical algorithm to understand the contextual connection between words in content is called latent semantic indexing. 

This is not only used for detecting unnecessary keyword stuffing but also helps you build natural content. 

Therefore, the use of related words that support your main keywords is LSI. 

This will help in the Shopify SEO procedure for better ranking and increased traffic. 

You can search for keyword-related words, spellings used, spacing in between, etc., with the help of an accurate and free tool LSI generator.

Ecommerce shopify seo keyword research
Keyword research

Write your primary keywords and generate related LSI keywords to organically rank your page. Below is an example of using skincare as a keyword.

Keyword research
Shopify Ecommerce website Keyword research

6.Adequate use of content 

There is no doubt that content marketing is the fundamental key for digital marketing. But in e-commerce, one of Shopify SEO tips involves the adequate quality and quantity of content. 

There are hundreds of themes available on Shopify. Try to be explicitly brief in your product description.  

Shopify Shopify webiste
Shopify ecommerce store

Wrapping Up 

To improve sales on your Shopify website, businesses need to focus on the fact that their product should be easily discoverable compared to competitors. 

It is not impossible to bring organic traffic; therefore, Shopify SEO is highly recommended. Search for the target market and right keywords. Include those words in your product description and content naturally, and let your traffic increase gradually. 

Another way to observe and collect data is that businesses must focus on the reviews and spellings their target audience mostly use. This process will help in the formulation of a search engine page worth ranking.  

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