If you’re an e-commerce business or digital marketing agency looking to ramp up your sales, all you have to do is: take advantage of Amazon’s PPC advertising network!

Here’s the reason:

Amazon is one of the most popular advertisement platforms available to sellers today. With more than 197 million people visiting each month, this is the ultimate hotspot for buying customer data.

It, therefore, provides businesses with a massive opportunity to target customers and increase sales.

So making the most of Amazon’s paid ad promotions would undoubtedly be the way to go if you want to produce some strong sales and get an advantage on your rivals.

However, before you start using them, you should get acquainted with Amazon’s advertising network and the various types of advertisements.

Let’s dive in there!

What is Amazon PPC Advertising?

Pay per click ad

Amazon Marketing Center at Seller Central is Amazon’s pay-as-you-go marketing tool for sellers.

Formerly known as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), helps sellers to advertise their goods using PPC advertisements for which they are paid when someone clicks on their ad. That’s why such ads are called PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertisements.

Such advertisements help produce a lot of money for both sellers and Amazon, which is why they have gained tremendous popularity over the last few years.

How do Amazon Marketing Services work?

To understand paid ad campaigns and how Amazon paid ads to operate, you must first understand how Amazon rates items for and search questions.

Whenever people search for a product on Amazon, they enter a list of search keywords.

These are either short in length (also called short-tail keywords) or longer (popularly known as long-tail keywords). Both of these depend on the purchaser’s intention.

Amazon products are listed

Millions of searches are made every day on Amazon, which may be a variation of such keywords.

Whenever buyers are searching for products, Amazon compiles a list of products in the search results.

Some items appear exclusively at the top of the results list, while others are ranked below them.

The products shown above are paid ads, while those below them are organically ranked. Such paid advertisements often appear in other strategic positions, such as below the results of the organic search or on the right side of the page.

(You can distinguish paid ads from organic results by clicking on the ‘Sponsored’ mark above their listing title.)

Due to the ranking of these product ads, a significant number of purchasers click on them and are taken to the product’s listing page where they make purchases.

In this way, paid ads help sellers generate more income than those who use organic strategies.

How are Amazon Ads Different from Google Ads?

While both follow the same PPC pattern, Amazon’s PPC campaigns are different from Google’s those of ad campaigns.

Here are a couple of variations between the two:

When it comes to auto ad campaigns, Amazon Funded ad campaigns are smoother than their Google counterparts.

 Amazon ads are usually aimed at consumers at the bottom of the sales funnel, while Google ads can be used for consumers at the top and bottom of the tube. 

Amazon ads are rated based on their money, while Google ads are measured based on their CTR.

Amazon ads guide you to the respective product listing pages in Amazon, similar to Google ads that take you to specific websites.

As you can see, Amazon’s advertisements are fairly sales-oriented compared to Google’s advertising, making them perfect for e-commerce companies whose goal is only to sell their goods.

Different types of Amazon Ads

Great, now that you know how Amazon’s advertising works and the difference between Google and Amazon’s paid ads, let’s move onto an in depth explanation of the forms an advertisement.

Knowing them will help you select the right ad for your campaigns and improve your Amazon marketing efficiency.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads are the most commonly used advertisements on Amazon.com. Such ads are keyword-targeted and help you get your customers to the product listing page when they click on them.

It’s also pretty quick to set up these advertisements. All you need to do is pick the product you want to advertise, use the appropriate keywords to promote, set the budget, and run the campaign.

When done, Amazon will start showing your ads to specific audiences.

You may choose from a specific set of matching keyword types, such as exact, expression, or general.

Where Do They Appear?

Amazon sponsored Ad are shown

Sponsored Brand Ads appear in various places. These are often found at the top and bottom of Amazon’s search results page and on product information pages.

They can also appear on the right side of the search results page.

Benefits of sponsored ads

There are a lot of benefits to using Sponsored Product ads for the Amazon PPC promotions. Here are a few of them:

  • Suitable for click-through rates and conversions.
  • They look less like advertisements and more like organic search results, making them difficult to spot.
  • Comparatively cheaper than ads on Google+.
  • It helps you rate your products at the top of organic results to sell products faster.

Product Display Ads

Brand Show ads are a bit different from other types of ads. These are CPC display advertising used to target related items, interest groups, and other relevant categories.

They are great if you want to do interest-based / product-based targeting or just increase the exposure of your listing page.

They can also be used to target customers at the bottom of the sales enclosure.

Where Do They Appear?

Amazon Product Display Advertisement

Brand Show advertisements appear in various sites, such as product listing pages, search results pages, customer review sections, top-of-the-line lists, and even in Amazon’s marketing emails.

Benefits of Product Display Ads

Product Show Advertisements have their own set of advantages. We will support you, depending on your campaign:

  • Target your products on the listing page of your competitor.
  • Increase the visibility of the listing pages.
  • Push traffic to your listings of goods.
  • Improve the Amazon brand recognition.
  • Travel to and from Amazon’s target buyers.

Amazon Video Ads

Amazon Video Advertising is the newest addition to Amazon’s promotional arsenal and offers you plenty of imaginative flexibility to advertise your goods.

Such advertisements autoplay every time a user comes across them in full view. We are silenced by nature, so visitors can trigger the sound by clicking on it. They can also be extended and viewed in full screen.

They come with various customization options, including several CTAs, custom background images, the ability to use an optional logo, and other options.

You also have access to Amazon’s analytical tools and Audience Insights that you can use to monitor your campaigns and further optimize your video advertising strategy.

Where do they appear?

Amazon Video Advertisement

Amazon Video Ads typically appear on Amazon’s product pages and can be accessed on laptops, desktops, and even handheld devices.

Benefits of Amazon Video Ads

Amazon Video Ads (used with other Amazon ads) will significantly improve your Amazon marketing efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of using Amazon Video Ads for your campaign:

  • Plenty of configuration options with custom history and call-to-action features.
  • Great for storytelling and awareness-raising brands.
  • More appealing than other types of ads.
  • Efficient for products that involve creativity.

How Amazon Ad Benefits Ecommerce Businesses

People are buying online

No one in the digital field of e-commerce business has any misconception regarding the triumphant Amazon Marketing Services. It has been a go-to option for one and all in the track of advertisements. 

The world of advancements loves the unconventional ways of advertising, and the amount of buzz that PPC creates within the IT-Gods is unparalleled. 

Amazon is just another search engine (though for buying and selling). The perk of being the largest retailer over the internet with 60% of the online buyer’s traffic, makes Amazon’s Marketing Services a magneto.

Amazon has grown as an advertisement platform over the last few years and has got more than 25% of the online advertisement requests. 

Google ads have more traffic, and thus they have a higher bid price. It is making Amazon Marketing Services affordable and considerably efficient. 

The higher investment from the public into Google Ads makes the prices for specific keywords in the Amazon Marketing Services keep to a relatively lower level.

PPC Advertisement

PPC is one advertisement campaign with a lot of sincere believers across all types of businesses. It is because the people searching for a particular kind of product over the internet are not window shopping or grabbing ideas of what they want. 

Especially when it is about Amazon, it is a complete surety that your Pay Per Click campaign is not going in vain. You would only be paying for real and interested customers. It is a great way to increase one’s organic and inventory sales. 

The simplicity of Amazon advertisements makes them a double-edged sword. Balancing in between is the most challenging task that one has to undertake and believe us. It is not that easy.

There are a lot of problems in creating an Amazon Marketing Services campaign. The trickiest is the point from where you are to start and what the possible outcome is or where you can find the X-factor for your campaign. AMS campaigns can be created. 

They might bring you short-termed success. You might refer to them as the fruit of hardship, but what is the guarantee of that very success to last a long time and that real fruit to have the perseverance that is required to conquer the marketing arena? 

There are hundreds of concerns that may be discovered whence you are out there knowing the real and practical world of marketing.

You have to create a product page with some enigma for the buyer– one that does not lose its sheen with time. It is the foremost step in order to make your product a hit! 

No one would like a product page to be boasting about the company’s achievements and saying nothing about the product. Similarly, buyers won’t even believe about the greatness of a product without knowing about the vendor. 

So, troubled with the choices out there? That is not the end of that very road. It is just an end to a beginning.

As your marketing plan sets sail, you are to perform the toughest thing that is out there in the world. You are to make a choice, and if you lack in the informational unit, you would be on the wrong end of the results.

You would not want your marketing efforts to be a reason for your quality and class’s remorse. From three-way ad management, you are to choose one, and if you are to choose the best, you have to keep in mind the type of advertisement that you aim.

Amazon Marketing Services is a beauty to use, but they are a beast to line up. If your product does not have a charming and venomous kind of marketing campaign, it might end up as a diamond wrapped in a cotton cloth and left among bits of nothing.

Working over the Digitized platforms has been made easy, but a firm would not want a Jack-of-all type of person to make all those decisions for marketing over the most significant platforms. We know the How-To tricks for all platforms across the globe. Think we are beating about the bush?

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