Analytics Attribution

Perhaps analytics attribution is the most important part of the marketing strategy for any business. Yet, often, it gets ignored. Mountainous ensures that they gather the right insights from the data available to them and help the client in pivoting their marketing strategy towards the right direction. Mountainous collects data and develops a map for the entire customer journey. This starts from when the buyer first visits the site and ends at when the customer finally made a purchase. Having a deeper understanding of every step allows the business to target the right regions efficiently.

How exactly does Mountainise perform analytic attribution?

Data Collection

It all initiates with the data collection. Mountainise collects all the data for your business. This includes all data related to the customer interactions and development of the customer personas.

Organizing Data

Since data is the most important factor when it comes to analyses, Mountainise organises your data to convert raw data into traceable organized data that can be further used to gather insights.

Devising a strategy

After the data is organized, Mountainise uses the data to have enough insights to devise a marketing strategy and target the desired audience both effectively and efficiently.

Implementating the strategy

An excellent strategy on a piece of paper kept somewhere in the locker is a simply a waste. The strategy must be translate into implementation and in turn results. At Mountainise, we keep a track of it all.

Our strategies and their right implementation have helped achieve great success for many businesses!

One of the many success stories in which we did wonders through Analytics Attribution

Industry: Software Company

Region: North America

Project Title: Attribution engine for visible and data lake


Hudl is a software company which was facing wrongful attribution and incomplete of pipelines to marketing assets and campaigns in the Salesforce.


We built customized attribution pipelines for the company based on their business model and marketing campaigns. We attributed their revenue based on several distribution touchpoints. In addition, we were also able to do detailed analysis of closed won deals which helped us in tracking changes within salesforce to understand the impact of every touchpoint on the pipelines. This gave the company a thorough understanding of the overall attribution.


A new marketing attribution campaign was built and thorough analysis was done, which allowed them to better comprehend their progress.

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