Winning new customers and securing their loyalty are significant concerns and real challenges for companies of all sizes. 

Moreover, attracting more customers is essential to increase your sales, increase your turnover, and develop your business in the long term.

To do this, you must put a successful customer acquisition strategy in place, which includes both marketing and sales actions, and encompasses all stages of the conversion funnel from lead generation to customer loyalty.

A customer acquisition strategy takes place in three stages: succeeding in attracting your prospects, turning them into customers, and finally retaining them. 

To be successful, you need to consider the position of possibilities in the buying cycle and tailor your offering and acquisition strategy.

Discover seven tips and techniques for planning and implementing a successful customer acquisition strategy.

customer acquisition

Know your targets and their behavior

To get started, you need to know about your prospects. 

  • What are their needs and expectations? 
  • How do they find out about a product? 
  • What are their consumption patterns? 

Start by analyzing the behaviors and buying habits of your potential customers. Thus, you will know where and how to communicate to reach them and what to offer them to conquer them.

Optimize your website for SEO

You know if you don’t appear on the first page of Google, chances are low that potential customers will find you. Indeed, 75% of search engine users do not go beyond the first page.

To drive natural organic traffic to your website, you need to start by optimizing it for search engines by choosing relevant keywords and content clusters (or cluster topics ) relevant to your business.

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Make a paid SEO campaign

An effective way to get listed on the first page of Google and other search engines is to invest in a paid SEO campaign

Of course, this can represent a specific budget for your business. But this way, you get targeted traffic to your website faster, reach your audience more quickly, and convert potential buyers into customers faster.

This type of campaign should be used punctually, such as for your brand’s launch or anniversary, the start of a new product, or to announce an exceptional promotion.

Form partnerships

Partner with brands that offer products or services that complement yours. For example, do you sell bouquets? Why not partner with a chocolate company to provide gift boxes for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or birthdays.

For this method to work, you need to carefully choose your partner and make sure that the benefits are mutual. In this way, not only do you reach new customers through your partner’s, but you also benefit from their notoriety and vice versa.

Offer unique and original content

Blog articles, newsletters, videos, e-books, etc., creating content has become essential to acquire new customers and retain them. Indeed, by regularly publishing articles on your website, it will be better referenced on search engines. 

But that’s not all: you show that you are an expert in your field and give advice and tips to make the best use of your products.

Another advantage: by frequently posting content, you have material to feed social networks and strengthen your presence.

A quick tip: Don’t hesitate to update old blog posts with new content and images and repost them because, according to Backlinko, this can increase organic traffic by up to 111%.

Be present on social networks

Today, social networks have become essential in a strategy for acquiring new customers. 

In 2018, 3.3 billion people were active on social networks (i.e., 43% of the world population). In the top 5 of the most popular social networks globally, we find Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and QZone ( Statista ).

Being present on social networks allows you to improve your brand awareness, engage your customers and prospects, reveal your business’s personality, and create a sense of belonging. 

It is a technique that should not be overlooked in your customer acquisition strategy because 57% of online shoppers have purchased a product after hearing about it on social media, according to Bazaarvoice.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is booming. Many brands partner with one or more influencers to promote their products, improve their visibility, and gain notoriety, and it works! 

For instance, in France, 54% of millennials follow influencers on social networks, and 37% have already purchased a product recommended by an influencer.

Partner with one or more influential people in your industry and offer them to test your products on their blog and social media. You can create a special offer that can benefit people who buy your product through these influencers.

Attention, choose an influencer whose profile is in perfect harmony with your brand and with whom your customers and prospects can identify.


Acquiring and retaining customers is essential to the success of a business. To set up a successful customer acquisition strategy, you have to take into account the needs and expectations of your prospects to attract them more efficiently, and especially to retain them. 

The above list is not exhaustive, and you can adapt it according to your brand and the products or services you offer.