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At Mountainise, we understand that effective marketing hinges on the foundation of robust data. In today's data-driven world, companies often struggle to gather, manage, and extract value from customer data. The lack of accurate and pertinent data can obstruct a company's ability to make informed decisions and seize valuable opportunities.

This is where Mountainise excels. We leverage our expertise in Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to assist businesses in gathering, organizing, and analyzing their data, creating a solid basis for effective marketing strategies.

Our seasoned team is skilled in employing CDPs and various marketing technologies to amass and process data. This process helps businesses identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that might be overlooked. Leveraging this data, we help businesses make thoughtful decisions about their marketing strategies, potentially enhancing customer engagement, increasing revenue, and ultimately, improving their overall success.

Mountainise recognizes the power of customer data platforms and other marketing technologies in collecting, managing, and extracting insights from data. Our strength lies in utilizing these tools to help businesses develop more effective marketing strategies grounded on accurate and robust data.

Our Methodology!

Collecting Data

Our CDP software allows us to collect and store all types of customer data from various sources in one place. This makes it easier to access and analyze the data, allowing for more accurate insights.

Organizing data

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, we organize the data and develop customer identities. This involves connecting anonymous raw data to customer profiles, allowing us to understand the customer better.

Activating data

Mountainise connects the acquired data to all the platforms through which a business interacts with its customers. This allows for a more efficient and targeted approach to marketing.

Gathering insights

Lastly, we use the data to gather valuable insights that can help a business pivot its strategy. By having all the information in one place, businesses can develop customer personas and only target the right segment of customers.

Case Study

Customer Success Story

Industry: Software Development

Region: USA

Project Title: Implementing a Customer Data Platform to Prioritize Design Leads

Hudl, a software company, was struggling with incorrect attribution and incomplete pipelines linked to their marketing assets and campaigns in Salesforce.

At Mountainise, we developed tailor-made attribution pipelines for the company, taking into consideration their unique business model and marketing campaigns. We distributed their revenue based on several touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Furthermore, we carried out an in-depth analysis of successfully closed deals, allowing us to track changes within Salesforce and comprehend the influence of each touchpoint on the pipelines. This provided the company with a complete understanding of their overall attribution process.

We constructed a new marketing attribution campaign and conducted an exhaustive analysis, thereby enhancing the company’s understanding of their performance. This fresh perspective allowed them to make more informed decisions, leading to progress in their overall marketing strategy.

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