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With the services of Mountainise, you will be able to meet your e-commerce needs by enabling everything needed to make transactions and order-taking straightforward and time efficient. Now that people are turning to online shopping for the convenience of it, it is time to make your business an easy stop for them. Decrease bounce rate by hiring our e-commerce enablement team and getting your hands on the best services out there!

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By hiring Mountainise, you will be getting access to our team of experts who will make your online transactions secure while also creating a shopping cart that is ideal for your needs. The first step will be to hold a meeting with you to understand what your expectations are and then work can begin to provide you with tools that cater to you, your products, and your customers. Mountainise settles for nothing less than ultimate perfection for your business!

Current active case pertaining
to E-commerce enablement!

Industry: E-Commerce Firm

Region: USA

Project Title: E-Commerce Enablement


While the company had a website and an online store, they were struggling to drive traffic and sales. The client was using social media to promote their products, but their efforts were not yielding the desired results. They were also facing competition from larger, more established online retailers.


To help the client increase their online presence and sales, Mountainise suggested several E-commerce Enablement strategies. First, Mountainise conducted a thorough audit of the client’s website and online store to identify any issues or areas for improvement. Based on the audit, Mountainise made recommendations for redesigning the website to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Next, Mountainise implemented search engine optimization (SEO) best practices on the client’s website to improve its ranking on search engines like Google. This included optimizing product descriptions and titles, as well as adding relevant keywords to the website’s content. Mountainise also set up and managed the client’s Google Shopping account, which allowed them to list their products on Google and appear in relevant search results.

In addition, Mountainise provided the client with training on how to use social media effectively for e-commerce. This included best practices for creating and scheduling social media posts, as well as how to use social media advertising to target specific audiences.


As a result of Mountainise’s efforts, the client saw a significant increase in traffic to their website and online store. They also experienced a significant increase in sales, as more customers were able to find and purchase their products online. The client was able to better compete with larger online retailers and grow their business. Overall, Mountainise’s E-commerce Enablement services helped the client improve their online presence and increase their sales, leading to the success of their business.

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