Artificial Intelligence is the fuel your marketing strategy is missing!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds extraordinary future opportunities in the current digital marketing space. It enables knowing the customers better, satisfying experiences for them, highly targeted marketing and predictive analysis that definitely increases ROI of a business. Previously marketers were hesitant to merge their techniques with artificial intelligence but now with its growing application it is becoming increasingly popular among them.

Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing are beginning to go concurrently. AI-powered marketing tools have the ability to gather data, analyze it and then learn from it. As AI-based marketing continues to grow, it is widely being used by companies to improve the digital marketing strategies and generate valuable customer insights.

AI empowers digital marketers by equipping them with the information they need to move their business forward. Thanks to AI, digital marketers are now equipped with useful information they need to for business growth. They can use data analytics tools that help them learn more about their consumers, how to reach them out and implement the most effective marketing strategies to grow their businesses. Artificial Intelligence based tools makes insights very easily accessible. Where it takes an immense amount of time to crunch all the numbers and match them to customer’s behavioral patterns in traditional digital marketing, AI marketing warehouses gives marketing insights on the fly. Specially designed for marketers, AI tools now understand how a customer’s data affect their performance indicators. With the most critical insights shown at the top of one click-dashboard, digital marketers are now able to make more informed and optimized decisions. 

One-click Reporting Dashboards

AI brings Insights to the surface

Nowadays digital marketers embracing AI are able to perform a thorough analysis on the data through fast iterations and its in-built predictive and statistical modeling helps them predict likely outcomes and makes recommendation for the most optimal business growth track. 

With all the advancements in artificial intelligence, it’s not just crucial to understand numerous ways it can be utilized, but it’s also vital to be knowledgeable of the different ways you might be applying it already without knowing it. Does your digital marketing strategy go in line with the new reality?

To unveil the full potential of this much more effective AI-powered digital marketing it requires a change of mind-set towards a two way, much authentic conversational commitment as well as embracing the new and innovative tools and techniques that help you operate on a superhuman level.

That’s where Mountainise come in.

Connect the dots through Centralized Reports

In times of complex marketing, businesses have to work through a scattered set of tools and reports to understand the data and the confusion related to it results in many optimization opportunities being missed. Mountainise helps you put things into perspective by bringing all your marketing together in one view. Our solution helps you to convert opportunity into optimization. With digital marketing being challenging nowadays, we help you easily take more informed decisions.

With marketing being so pivotal for business growth nowadays, it is very important to see how it can be used to increase the customer base. You can now connect your financial data- including but not limited to- your sale records, expenses- and your customer relationship management to your digital marketing campaigns to boost your business.

Nowadays, businesses ask questions regarding campaign performances. Is our current marketing campaign successful? Are we targeting the right audience? How can we link our sales/revenues to our performance? Is our marketing budget adequately allocated to our campaigns? How fruitful our current marketing campaign is? How can our marketing plan help us maximize our return on investment? How do we forecast our performance? With our service you can easily answer intriguing questions about your business performance which helps you open doors to the opportunities knocking on your door.

Is your system artificially intelligent? If not, your company is missing its competitive edge. Our system constantly works in the background and is your constant ally. Mountainise helps you to enhance every step of the customer journey which makes it one of the best digital marketing agency.

Turn Leads to Sales

With the aid of data management platforms (DMP) gathering second and third-party data now, Mountainise helps you collect information about customers across the internet. We help marketers understand the buying behavior and identifying patterns of their existing customers so that this information can be used to reach out people who share the same interests and buying attributes. Marketers can now feed AI tools with their own creative content, such as punch-lines, pictures, and logos, as well as their market goals and they help them figure out key characteristics of serious buyers. This SEM service is not only helping marketers target the right people but is also significantly reducing their average cost per lead and increasing sales.
Insights from third party data, potential client’s activities at events, their activity on the website and previous conversations with salespersons is tracked, making digital marketers more aware of their customer requirements helps personalize to their needs and enables them to target their potential leads and eliminate the ones that are likely to churn.

AI helps in identifying customer buying pattern

These days many retail and ecommerce companies are switching to AI technology to track their customers’ buying preferences. With these insights they give suggestions to their customer about relevant products that they might be interested. Our AI based data-driven tools are continuously gathering, understanding and rigorously analyzing data to utilize it better which makes it way better than the traditional marketing. With built in fast iterations accuracy of customer journeys gets efficient, ROI and sales prediction becomes easier than ever.
We at Mountainise help you understand the buying behavior and identifying patterns of your existing customers so that this information can be used to reach out people who share the same interests and buying attributes. You can feed us with your own creative content, such as punchlines, pictures, and logos, as well as your market goals. We help you figure out key characteristics of serious buyers. This SEM service will not only allow you target the right people but will significantly reduce your average cost per lead and increase your sales which makes us the best SEO company.
Nowadays AI based digital marketing companies handle all your campaigns on your social accounts which gives you a bigger picture of your campaign. Mountainises powered AI solution goes through vast chunks of data and finds insights and uses them to autonomously run optimized marketing campaigns across your social media. Your current marketing campaign might not be yielding the results you want. Mountainise’s cross channel-approach allows you to share insights between campaigns at different social accounts, significantly improving performance of the campaign. This requires no human input. Leave your analysis, management and campaign optimization on us. We tailor your marketing campaign and flexibly change it against your goals and KPIs. Campaign bidding is also automatically optimized to maximize your ad spend and ensures the budget is always used on keywords and targeting the particular segment which brings in results. With this, you can always be sure that your company is making progress.
For digital marketing teams, finding valuable customers is crucial to build a profitable business. The leading industrial players know that customised customer experiences and standardised operations are imperative for their success. Companies that are using our services are finding the right customers and understanding them more thus enjoying greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Moreover, Mountainise evaluates the strength of your marketing campaign to see if more can be done to achieve better results. If there may be an even the slightest opportunity to change the campaign, it will request your approval if and only if it feels the change needs to be implemented given the conversion costs. This ensures that your marketing budget is ideally allocated to different marketing channels. Our AI will measure your results, automatically making real-time, adjustments across all of social accounts to ensure your budget is being directed to the best performing ads. Why waste your advertising budget on campaigns that are underperforming at any point in time? You can only imagine how this could help you to extend current markets and tap new ones.

AI is the fuel your marketing strategy needs

AI improves Customer Journey

Mountainise runs A/B testing for the different variables so that you can be sure which variables are crucial for your ad campaign. Countless variables can be tested across historical data and marketing data warehouse so that their effect on the overall performance is monitored. We constantly evaluate insights and analytics for you and give you ways for moving forward and improving your campaign which makes us the best AI based digital marketing company near you.
Data is present everywhere. Every customer activity is a composition of data and is continuously creating more data for marketers to understand and process. Integrating AI with digital marketing is not only supporting them in utilizing data effectively or catering to customer queries, but also helping marketers create long-term strategies with limited human involvement.
So how are we impacting digital marketers? A digital marketers’ value originates from what they do best: design strategies and translate insights into results. Mountainise provides another apparatus in the digital marketing space to help them make way to more optimized decisions, “better sales-cycle” and ‘predictive buying and selling’. With this breakthrough digital markets have a better understanding of customer and customers have a better understanding of the products which is eventually a win-win for both.

Using real-time conversions within your campaign, our AI helps you understand customers and builds real time profiles for them, helping you to understand your customers more closely. Once these real time lookalike profiles are integrated into the marketing campaigns, they can be used to target the real audience thus leading to results .With us, your audience’s interests and internet behavior is always being evaluated so that you are always targeting the right type of people. No more wasting resources targeting a broader market and expecting results when you can be sure that your campaign is extended to an audience who may have an interest in your product/service. Our clients have experienced increasing sales attributing to the highly specific targeting they have achieved through our data driven strategies.
Our solution excels in recognizing patterns, enabling your sales teams to find new prospective customers by matching data profiles with your existing loyal customers. We define a series of characteristics and attributes of existing customers to pinpoint new potential customers ie saving precious hours for your sales teams.

AI allows Autonomous Analytics, Forecasts & Optimization

Business growth is extremely difficult where data reporting and insight generation is ad hoc. Built to organize workflow- ranging from complete data integration to analytical decision making Mountainise is the key to client-satisfaction which in turn is the primary reason for client base growth. In manual processing complete data is scattered across a multitude of channels with different reporting that doesn’t add up. With Mountainise you can automate 85% or more of your data, while carefully monitoring a set of KPIs, standards and goals and comparing them to the different players of the industry. This helps you track your position in the industry and suggest room for improvements. Also this set of KPIs, standards and goals can be compared to the historical data to track growth. By replacing your client’s manual processes with automation Mountainise helps you save time and equips you with tools to deliver meaningful insights.
Marketing never stops. As one question is answered, new ones spring up. How do we link our performance to sales? To customer satisfaction? How do we predict the performance of the coming months? These questions are opportunities. With Mountainise, you can expand the scope of your analytics throughout the customer experience and into deeper specifics, to offer customized solutions to your customers.