Grab Bag Inventing: Unleash Your Inner Inventor

Welcome to Grab Bag Inventing, a dynamic and innovative workshop designed to nurture creativity and inspire the inventor within you. This exciting activity accommodates participants of all age groups, making it a versatile and inclusive learning experience. Our approach is unique; we split attendees into small working groups of three to five, with each group receiving a bag filled with common materials. The goal of the exercise is to use these ordinary items in extraordinary ways. The essence of our workshop revolves around the philosophy that everyone possesses innate inventive potential, waiting to be tapped into. We strive to help individuals discover this potential, bolster their problem-solving skills, and understand that invention is a journey rather than a sudden spark of insight. Our event lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, allowing flexibility to match the interest and engagement of different groups. We believe in the power of playfulness and imagination, as we guide you on a journey to recognize and utilize your own creative abilities in inventive ways.

What to Expect: During the Grab Bag Inventing workshop, expect an environment ripe with creativity, interaction, and innovative thinking. We kick-start the event with a brainstorming session, utilizing familiar objects to spark alternate use ideas, thereby priming your creative faculties. Following this, we dive into a discussion about inventions, their purpose, and the characteristics of successful inventors. We highlight the crucial role of inventors as problem solvers and emphasize that they are individuals just like us, whose creations intend to improve our lives. Participants then embark on their inventive journey with their respective groups. The groups sketch ideas, prototype their invention, and actively engage in the iterative process of refining it. Towards the end, each group presents their invention, discussing the problem it solves, its workings, and its evolution from the initial concept. This workshop will leave you with newfound respect for the invention process, a spark of inventive spirit, and perhaps, an idea for your next big creation.

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Jun 07 2023


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