On May 4th, 2020 google modernized its algorithms. This update is a major one and they call it a core update. Google has made substantial changes to its algorithms and that is going to impact a number of websites.

This is the second core update of 2020 by google that came in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, which seems to be strongly related to E-A-T again. Google core updates happen several times a year and receive confirmation from google. 

What has Google changed in the May 2020 core update?


Google never really reveals all of the information about its algorithm update. Most updates are settled swiftly with minor changes along the way but this one is a bit different.

It is becoming progressively noticeable that this update is big.

Google’s core updates never generally target a specific industry. Change in algorithms does have a strong effect on industry but that does not particularly mean that the industries were specifically targeted.

Google has not revealed yet what changes have occurred in the search algorithms or which topics and industries were a special target of the Google update.

They frequently will make adaptations due to unintentional or undesirable ranking results.

Google senior webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, has not revealed details about the May update.

How often Google modernizes its algorithms?

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Google makes notable and comprehensive changes to its search engine algorithm and systems. These updates are made for improving the user experience, providing them with more to the purpose, convenient, and reliable content. 

Google makes core updates several times a year, usually after every few months and these updates can take almost a week to roll out for users.

Effects of May 2020 Google update

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There are several industries and page types that have been affected by this google core update

List of industries that got affected by this new Google update.

  • Travel 
  • Real estate
  • Health
  • Pets and Animals 
  • People and society
  • Food & Drinks
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Tech
  • Finance
  • Dating

According to Forbes, the most affected by this Google May core update are cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. They have censored both of these.

All big bitcoin YouTubers including the MMcrypto channel are now being shadowbanned.

“Shadowbanning” however is more of a secrecy approach that limits the reach of youtube videos and as a consequence, this considerably decreases the number of views that YouTubers receive. This latest development regarding Youtube censorship against bitcoin-videos is very frightening for bitcoin Youtubers.

Google core updates are different from other updates

The main aim of Google’s core update is to make search results more relevant and beneficial across industries and individual users.

You can think about a core update like a list of suggestions for movies, games, and TV shows to watch this month. 

Your suggestions will vary from year to year as new shows are being aired and the old ones are retired. Updating your recommendations list, just like a core update keeps your advice relevant and up to date.

Why does Google updating cause ranking instability?

The main reason behind the effects that Google updates have on website rankings is because the updates take time to settle in. There have been many websites that are in their top positions, overnight their rankings and traffic hit rock bottom due to Google core updates.

This kind of drop happens when you unintentionally violate Google’s webmaster guidelines or your website is not maintained according to the guidelines laid down by Google.

Winners and Losers of ‘May 2020 Google core update’

When Google runs its core update there happens to be a number of lists regarding winners and losers. It is totally based on how the most recent Google core update has affected website rankings.


Addictionrecovery.org, medicalxpress.org, news-medical.net, whfoods.com, wbur.org are among the top winners according to the percentage gain.

Pinterest.com, lexico.com, thefreedictionary.com, washingtonpost.com, tripadvisors.com are among the top winners according to overall visibility increase.


Mediaite.com, rfi.fr, ccn.com, the federalist.com, crystallinks.com are among the top losers of this year percentage-wise

Spotify.com, azlyrics.com, discogs.com, Nypost.com, IMDb are among the top losers according to overall visibility decrease.

One of the most detectable moves from the May 2020 Google core update is the reversal of sites that had seen big gains due to the recent core updates by Google. 

Whfoods.com, addicitonsandrecovery.com, medicalxpress.com and many other websites that faced visibility drop in the previous core update, now have seen reversal during this month’s May update. 

How to improve your site

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If any website has seen a decline or any sort of drop after this Google’s core update, their main focus and emphasis would go towards improving their website and what caused them such a drop and reduction in traffic.

With the update, the changes will have an effect on the SEO of most sites.

If you have seen a noticeable change in your website rankings you should start considering adding a series of high-quality blogs and articles about your industry, services, or whatever you do to give Google new content to index for your site.

Your website is going to be profitable or beneficial for you when your content is going to match the search queries of the users.SEO’s main strategy is to add new content to the website based upon what the targeted audience is searching for.

Google’s algorithms are planned and formulated in a way that it finds the content that matches the queries of users. You can increase your chances of ending up at the top positions by increasing the quota of high-quality content you have on your website about a specific subject matter.

Recovery of websites after Google’s core Update

Recovering your website after a considerable amount of drop in your website traffic or a huge decline in rankings after the Google core update should be your first priority.

Below is the list of strategies to improve or recover your website after Google’s core update.

Improve Content quality

The only way to improve your rankings is to improve your content quality because that is what matters the most, It is not a coincidence that most of the winners of Google core updates maintain their content quality and even tries to improve it more

High-quality content is a content that goes through a number of checks by the expert reviewers, it needs to be well written, unbiased, well-edited, thoroughly researched, and should contain citations to trusted publications.

External links should be followed for SEO purposes, as it makes Google detect connections between your content and the sites from which you source your information.

Execute trust indicators

Those websites that are trusted by a number of users always end up being seen at the top positions of the rankings. 

One of the major takeaways from E.A.T research is that the top-ranked sites usually execute their trust signals by displaying how many awards they have won, any certifications, and many other reasons they should be trusted for as a brand.

For example, there is a website regarding the best doctors available in your country. They can grab a lot of attention of the users by adding awards and medals won by their doctors and by writing about their achievements, which shows the user they are investing their money in for a quality treatment 

If you have won any recent awards, display those on your website and experience the change.

SEO Keywords

SEO keywords are the most crucial part of any website. These are the keywords or phrases which are included in your content to make it viable for users to find your site via search engines

It is the keyword for SEO that succors to the searchers to connect to your site. Implementing the right set of keywords will help your website to rank above your competitors.

There are a number of ways and free keyword tools available to find the most effective keywords for your website that are related to your content.

Leverage Real Expertise

To improve your E.A.T your content which is particularly written in YMYL content should be written with the help of real experts and one of the most common recommendations for improving E.A.T is to make certain that all the authors have integrated Bios close to their byline in the article on the dedicated author’s biography page.

Hiring expert reviewers might come in handy for you and your website. Many winning websites leverage expert reviewers to review their website content although it cannot be considered as a determining factor for increasing your website rankings. It just only intensifies your content by making it naturally more accurate and trustworthy. 

Use Editorial Policies and Ad Disclosures

Websites that are clear about the purpose of their website and have transparency among users tend to do better in organic search.

That is why telling your users exactly how your content is modified, who writes for you, how ads are selected, what type of ads would be displayed, are all good implementations to make users trust your content with the help of maintaining clear editorials and advertising policies. 


This blog enlightens you about a number of facts about Google’s core update, like how it affects a number of websites for some it turns out to be good and for some, it turns out to be a nightmare. This year’s second Google core update is considered to be a big one.

If any website has seen a noticeable fall in their rankings there’s nothing to worry about there are a number of strategies to recover your website and bring it back to the position it was or even better by implementing those strategies.