Today, a strategically planned and effectively executed digital marketing strategy is a top priority of an overall marketing plan. Consumers and businesses are almost always online and a marketer should always be well prepared to reach them. Creating, fine-tuning and maintaining an agile marketing strategy in extremely dynamic digital landscape can be a daunting task. However, having a knowledge of some extremely useful digital marketing tools can aid the whole process and speed things up and make life much easier. Are you wondering, “Is there any Digital Marketing Agency near me expert in Digital Marketing tools?” Well, look no furher, here at Mountainise we are professionals and have years if experience to create a winning digital marketing strategy.

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The first essential to have is SEMRUSH, an all-in-one search engine optimization (SEO)/search engine marketing (SEM) suite geared toward digital marketers. They rightly claim it as  “All-in-one-marketing-tool” for digital marketing professionals as it includes competitive business intelligence data, social media listening tools, position tracking, site auditing, and backlink auditing capabilities. SEMRUSH’s keyword research tools are the most outstanding feature of it, allowing for fast results and in-depth analytics, clear custom reports that can be easily incorporated into digital marketing strategy and significantly improve performance. While SEMRUSH excels at giving the bigger picture, there are some discrepancies in the hard numbers. Additionally, to get unbranded reports you have to subscribe to the most expensive plan. Apart from this, it’s a powerful SEO tool. They offer a Free trial you might want to take look.

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Social media is one of the most effective way to generate leads and increase traffic on website. An active online presence is crucial for any brand to remain in competition nowadays. However, managing all social media accounts can be a very time consuming task. SocialPilot, a social media scheduling and marketing tool, is a place where all your social media platforms can be reached via one network and using only one account. It is great tool in improving social media marketing ROI feed and improve social media efficiency. This tool is particularly useful in increasing brand visibility in social platforms. Posting on social media is crucial to increase brand awareness and gain new customers. Tools like SocialPilot help users enhance the efficiency of their online marketing strategies and efforts. It is a top social media automation tool that caters to specific business needs.



Last but not the least is ActiveCampaign– a marketing automation platform used for email automation and small business Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It helps to send effective personalized messages to potential users directly through email, Site messages and SMS by analysing insights gained through customer data. It provides thorough reporting on areas such as click-maps, geo-tracking and page visits only missing information on purchase tracking.  The dashboard may look overly complicated in the first glance but it is not hard to get hang of it. However, its features can be overwhelming for user looking for quick and simple email automation.

Incorporating the above digital marketing tools in your digital marketing strategy can provide an all-encompassing approach to online marketing strategy and help you achieve your goal(s). Not only will they comprehensively cover all facets of online marketing, but will provide quick data driven solutions to hiccups that might occur saving ample of precious time and energy that can be spent on other important tasks.

A perfect digital marketing strategy should increase visits and sales which could be easily achieved with utilizing SEMRush tools that can boost your visibility on the web, from keyword-tracking to analysis of your competitors’ search engine performance.  An increased brand awareness on social media plays a major role for building brand reputation and familiarizing audience with a product and service thereby diverting them to the website. SocialPilot can cover this aspect quite comprehensively.  Bringing customers to website is not the end of story, rather it is how to retain for a long period of time which is equally important for any business. ActiveCampaign can help in this regard by keeping track of customers behaviour and sending them personalized offers to convert them to long-time customers. The hope is that your customers will eventually become brand ambassadors, promote your product or service, and help your company build social proof.