The digital climate of the world has changed drastically during the last few months. The spread of the pandemic has altered our lives and impacted consumer behaviors, consequently impacting businesses. Small businesses are the primary victims of this alteration in the marketplace and require extra effort and expertise to remain afloat. 

There are numerous ways that small business owners have learned to navigate these afflicted times and ensure that their business remains afloat and retains profits. There are various useful digital tools that, if utilized properly, can empower your small business and minimize disruption.

Google– the all-Powerful Entity

Google, as we all know, is one of the most powerful tools out there. It equips us with the ability to make or break your entire business. Google offers numerous features and tools that can enable you to establish an online presence, analyze your numbers, attract consumers, optimize your campaigns, and supercharge your ROI!

The benefits of Google do not stop there, though. It also offers a range of tools that enable you to stay connected with your team during these trying times- which is particularly imperative during the current times. 

Covid-19 has confined everyone to their homes. Businesses are suffering because employees are not connected the way they used to be, and no matter what you do, nothing can compare to the productive office setting. 

Google Meet, however, comes quite close!

What is Google Meet?

Google meet

Google Meet is essentially the video meeting solution by Google. It is a virtual meeting room or space for people worldwide to connect, communicate effectively, and collaborate on projects. 

During these times, communication is specifically essential for a business to remain afloat. However, it is all the more difficult. With its numerous features and easy to use interface, Google Meet eliminates this difficulty and enables millions of people to remain connected. It allows you to quickly and conveniently collaborate with anyone across the country or on the world’s opposite side. 

Through Google Meet, you can hold virtual meetings and high definition conferences or stick to simple instant messaging to bridge the communication gap.

Another central plus point of Google Meet is that it integrates easily with other Google App services. For example, you could connect it straight from your Gmail inbox, add a meeting schedule on your Google Calendar or work on Google Drive together during the call. 

Glorious Features!

So what if your team is scattered across the globe and you have to work from home?! Your communication does not have to suffer. 

Google Meet offers a range of useful and valuable features to take your business communication to the next level.

  • Screen Sharing

Google Meet allows you to share your laptop screen with the other attendees, just as though you were giving a presentation in an office setting. As a meeting host, you can share digital presentations, spreadsheets, documents, or anything you want your team to see on your screen. 

  • Accessibility

Google Meet is accessible on IOS as well as Android mobile devices. This makes joining a meeting super easy! All you have to do is click on the host’s link and attend the meeting even while you are grocery shopping. The mobile interface is also informative and straightforward; it displays the participants’ names, details regarding the conference, a chat room, and camera and audio buttons. 

In case you are unable to join the meeting via a video feed, you can enter through your phone. All meeting invitations come with a U.S phone number that enables participants to call in and contribute. 

  • Convenience 

Just as attending a meeting is easy, so is hosting one. You can only invite participants to the forum straight from your Google Calendar. All you have to do is open your Calendar, create an event, add the email addresses of the people you want to attend, paste the meeting link, and hit enter. 

  • Record Meetings

Meetings are essential, no doubt. Sometimes you would want to revisit the meeting minutes to see if you missed something important or just because you need something reiterated. Google Meet allows you to record meetings. The recordings are saved automatically to the host’s Google Drive and also in the Google Calendar event. Once the meeting ends, the host will receive a link to the recording through email, which they can easily share with others. How convenient!

  • Conference Room

Google Meet’s hardware can turn any random space into a proper video conferencing room. The hardware includes a comprehensive view camera and all-in-one speaker and microphone that can reduce background noise and eliminate echos. 

  • Unlimited Meetings 

One meeting, not enough? Two? 5? Or maybe a 100? Do not fret! Google Meet allows you to connect with your team as often as you would like to. You can invite up to 100 participants to a meeting. What a blast!

  • Live Captioning

Google Meet enables you to follow along in real-time through automated live captions that are powered by Google’s speech recognition technology. To turn on closed captions, all you have to do is click on the three dots on the screen to bring up the option. 

  • Audio/Video Preview Screen

After you click on the meeting link or code, you have the option to adjust your camera and mic to see how you look before officially entering the meeting. You can also get a preview of the participants in the meeting. Be prepared! 

  • Meeting Controls

Google Meet allows you to adjust the layout and screen settings to display what you prefer. You can choose to display the most active content or participants. 

Furthermore, you can quickly mute or remove participants from the meetings. Due to privacy reasons, however, you cannot unmute someone else. Phew!

  • Messaging

Google Meet also lets you make meetings more engaging and fun by live messaging during conferences or calls. You can share files, links, or comments with participants by clicking on the chat icon. 

Added Benefits!

The advantages of Google Meet do not stop at its glorious features, though. One of the significant benefits of Google Meet is the additional programs that come with it and enhance the whole experience. 

If you have access to the full complement of the G suite programs and a sophisticated conferencing service– best believe you will be unstoppable. 

If your business is currently using G Suite, you can start using Google Meet right away! It is the first step to ensuring the survival of your small business. 

Another significant advantage of using Google Meet is the cost of this useful service. Spending about $6 for an impeccable video conference service is already drastically cheaper than what many other providers charge. However, when you factor in the rest of the benefits you will have access to, Google Meet is a wonderful choice for a small- or even significant- business on a tight budget.

The Savior of Your Business

Our workplaces will undeniably continue to change in the future, and the primary change will be the reliance on video conferencing for communication. Google Meet is, therefore, the perfect way to collaborate with your team effectively. It will enable you to remain relevant and ensure the profitability of your business. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.