Whether you are a fresh online business owner or a long-standing e-commerce online store, you can not stop worrying about your sales.

Every online business owner’s goals are centered toward one standing target, and that never goes away.

How to increase your online sales

And like literally every other thing in the world, this also looks and sounds pretty straightforward, but actually, it’s not. There is no magic wand that you can swing to increase your online sales suddenly, nor is there any switch you can flip to grow your sales.

It requires so many things. From your digital marketing strategies to your brand reputation, everything is done to obtain an inclined sales graph. Collective efforts from you and your team contribute to getting growing sales.

As mentioned earlier, there are no shortcuts to this process, but there are certainly some ‘hacks’ that you can use to start building more online sales. These hacks are not certainly as simple as swinging a wand or turning a switch, but they are not painfully difficult either.

Though these hacks require some of your extra time, at the end of the day, you will pay far less to get new customers, and you will see your customers retention rate skyrocketing.

Online sales analytics

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Use Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are an excellent way to expand the scale of your ads on popular search engines such as Google and Bing. These simple extension can add apposite details for your audience that can lead to more click-through rates. This can also help make your ads stand out above the other ads that only show headlines, URLs, and minimal copy.

When you use Ad Extension, you get more powerful and interactive ads for your online business. Your ad becomes unique and prominent for the viewers. 

Ad Extensions come with lots of extras that you can strap with your ad. For example:

  • Sitelink extension allows you to add additional links to your site below the base ad copy.
  • Location extension to add the location of your business so that people can easily reach you. With this, you can also add your operating hours for the convenience of viewers.
  • Call extension to add clickable contact numbers to your search ads.
  • Review extension allows you to add reviews about your product or service by a third party.
  • Call-out extension to add features and incentives like free shipping, guarantee, and other promotions for your brand.

Use Strategic Giveaways

Giveaways are an excellent way to turn eyeballs toward your brand, generate traffic, or get an influx of prospective customers.

But this all will work if you manage the giveaways properly.

Big pricy things such as the latest Apple products can draw a lot of attention, but you can’t stand out the possibility that many of your audience already have them.

Or they might be a die-hard fan of your competitors and are not tempted by the latest iPhone.

Keeping these factors in mind, you have to manage your giveaways to have maximum goals achieved. Giveaway something that will catch everybody’s attention. Something that will be relevant to your audience is likely to have them back coming back to buy from you.

There are lots of things that will work well in your giveaways campaigns. Somethings like:

  • Sample Products of your brand.
  • Buy one Get one (BoGo) offers.
  • Trail VIP access to your premier services.
  • Free introductory products
  • Different incentives based upon rewards.

Besides exposure to your brand, giveaways are also beneficial to collect user-generated content. This content helps to build social proof and trust factor with customers.


Who wants to miss out on a good offer?

‘Fear of Missing Out’ is used to drive a substantial amount of customers to buy your product. It also helps to generate user engagement and activity on social media.

As per one study, 58% of customers fear missing out on important news if they don’t keep tabs on social media.

You can leverage this fear of missing out by crafting limited-time promotion, content offers, and contests. These things will spark a sense of urgency among the viewers.

The best about FOMO is that you do not have to run extra ads or promotions to incite FOMO. You can incite urgency within your product landing page to force the customer to checkout with a single-line text or timer.

Focus on Customer Retention in Online Sales

Customer retention is the most important part of growing any business.

It is far easier to sell your product to your existing customer than to find a new customer. Furthermore, it cost more to acquire new customers. Existing customers trust you and willing to give you their money.

Advancing companies put a lot of effort to retain their existing customers. A happy, satisfied customer will surely never think about going somewhere else. Better customer retention brings you more opportunities for future ventures and strong referrals.

According to Harvard Business School, a 5% increase in customer retention can boost your sales to up to 95%.

This is because it is easier to sell to people who already trust you. And it’s hard to sell your product to new customers. If you want to keep up your customer retention rate, try building a relationship with your customer by creating an amazing customer service program.

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You should be proactive. Don’t let the problem arise, and do not stop interaction when the sale is complete.


Most online business owners focus heavily on customer acquisition as a means of growth. Though growth is attainable in that way too, there are certainly other ways to hack your growth by getting better in the way you engage with your current customers.

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