Events can be stressful. They are tiresome and can take many shares of your valuable time. But this does not imply that your events are not essential and you can run away from them.

How you choose to promote an event has a direct impact on the success of your event.

Brands that have secured a position in the online hierarchy, event promotion as not that hectic. Their event promotion efforts may not necessarily be intensive or creative. 

Take Apple keynote event; for instance, Apple Inc. does not have to put much effort into promoting their event. Events like this are already established enough to earn a certain level of attention from tech experts and journalists worldwide.

But if unfortunately, you are not the owner of a trillion-dollar company like Apple and it is the first event you are organizing, or your brand is not yet seen as an online authority, you will need a lot of things.

For the same reason, we have put together this guide to event promotion. 

Once you are equipped with these, your online promotion efforts can bear meaningful results in more engagement, which further leads to more attendance.

Content Creation

Content written on screen

No matter what your event is about, it is not good to let it exist in a vacuum. 

What we mean from this is that your content marketing efforts should overlap with your event promotion. You have several options to look for in this regard. 

If you are still asking yourself ‘ how your content is related to your event promotion?’, let us show you. To put it frankly, even your most audience gets busy. It is upon you how you make them remember about your upcoming event.

In general, you should not miss any opportunity to promote your event on a platform you control, especially when you have a targeted audience. 

There are different ways of doing so, but what’s common in all is that you have to write content. Your content should offer tangible value, but it should never feel purely self-promotional.

You can create blog posts about your upcoming event, where you can discuss important details about your event.

And if you want to go one step further, you can create a short video about your event. Your video may include a collage of past attendees at old events or a glimpse of your preparations; the point is that your content should make people aware of your event.

If you want people to keep talking about your event and make sure that they show up at the D-day, you must create compelling content that grasps their attention.

Make the Use of Email List

Different Email on laptop

Write news-letters! It is the most effective way of informing about your events.

But how to gather so many subscribers to your newsletter. Well, you can do so by merely adding exciting and compelling content on your site. You can give your content free, except that they sign up for your newsletter. In this way, you will grow a strong email list.

By using this technique, you will not only get a vast number of email subscription, but also you will get active users instead of dead links.

The trick behind this is very simple.

If your content is valuable, people will care. And when people are receiving valuable content, they are more likely to keep following your newsletter.

Promoting your event through email marketing is pretty simple and straightforward.

All you have to do is some proactive measures. About two or three months before the event, you can send an official invitation to everyone on your email list.

An effective invitation constitutes of the following parts.

  • It includes significant event details (Important speakers, locations, etc.)
  • It shows what the audience will gain from the event.
  • It should be brief and to the point.

Create an Event Page

Be cautious. Creating an exciting event page on your site is very important.

When people see your event page, they will take you and your event seriously. It will also become a hub for all of the information about your event.

The page may not necessarily be fancy. What matters is that it lists all the relevant information about your event.

You can provide visitors a FAQ section to address all the issues that may be faced by the attendees, and they are wondering about it.

Advertise on Social Media

Social Media apps on Mobile

We can not talk about social media marketing these days without addressing the use of online media. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the best platforms for promoting an event. With billions of users worldwide, you can reach as many audiences as you can.

For example, advertising about an event on Facebook is effortless. You just have to create an event page on Facebook.

No matter how much you hate Facebook, there’s no getting around the fact that the Facebook event page is a very useful tool. You have plenty of options that come with it. For example

  1. Add images and videos.
  2. Update the event details.
  3. Keep a record of who’s coming.
  4. Set a reminder for users that will notify them when the event is near.

One of the most favorite aspects of the event page on Facebook is that it helps to build a unique space for your community to stay updated.

Social media can prove itself to be the most potent weapon in your arsenal if used effectively as it provides a broad platform for your event promotion.


Event promotion is not an easy job online. No matter how big your business is, it is always difficult to attract people toward your upcoming event. But now you have some tools at your disposal. These tools will help you to run an effective campaign for your next event online.