Alas, as we end another week of self isolation, we seek refuge in the thoughts of a happy, post-pandemic world. While looking forward to that world is a good tactic to retain mental peace, however, it is important that we also take steps to adjust to the current situation as well, otherwise our profits will decrease, our businesses may sink– taking our mental peace down with it.

The government is a continual effort to prevent a collapse in the economy, and as businesses suffer, they begin making severe budget cuts. We have found that in this scenario, the first target is the marketing budget, which indeed has baffled us quite a bit. Effective marketing and marketing seo, specifically during this situation, is essential if you still want to retain your customers and keep your company afloat. Making such serious cuts to the marketing budget may solve your problem in the short-term but will inevitably have severe ramifications in the long run. 

Why is Marketing Important During a Global Crisis?


Our lives have been greatly altered and consumer behavior has changed in numerous ways. The first and most apparent concern is that there is a drastic increase in online consumerism owed to the lock down restrictions. In order to make the best of this opportunity, instead of decreasing budget you should actually invest in our online presence to maintain profitability. The focus should be directed towards improving and enhancing your digital marketing strategy to adapt to this altered landscape and transform your primary source of conversion, lead generation as well as lead nurturing.  Therefore, in order to remain relevant during these times, companies must work on optimization seo, enhancing their website and social media presence and ensuring that they effectively communicate their values to the consumers.

Helpful Tactics:

There are certain steps you can take to optimize your marketing strategy during these afflicted times.

  1. Nurture Relationships With Loyal Customers

customer targeted

 Directing your attention onto existing customers is often more effective and less costly than attempting to acquire new customers, especially in the current situation. It would prove quite beneficial to create and enhance your communication channels with active customers. This will keep you relevant, encourage your loyal customers to avail your services while eliminating the threat of being replaced by some other, more digitally active brand. 

It is also important to deliver personalized content to your customers during these times as it would create an air of comfort and trust. Your customers need to know that their favorite brand understands the gravity of the prevalent situation and is doing everything in its power to ensure their safety.

  1. Invest in Digital and Social Media

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Due to the restrictions imposed by the lock down, consumer exposure to traditional media has undoubtedly reduced to zero. Consequently, there is a drastic increase in the use of digital media. Even consumers who have always been apprehensive of online shopping are being forced to move past their fears and resort to eCommerce services to satiate their shopping needs which is why this is the most efficient time to work on increasing your e commerce conversion rate. The brand that thrives online and is able to reach as well as impress the consumers is likely to flourish.Your primary goal at this point should be to increase your visibility, and build trust among apprehensive as well as confident consumers. 

Social media activity has increased significantly as well, which is why it would be advantageous to utilize this ginormous entity to reach out to your customers regularly and use tools that enable you to gauge their sentiments. 

  1. Prioritize Conversion and Engagement

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The most appropriate KPI to measure any marketing action is the conversion rate as it essentially reveals the return on all your communication efforts. Top CRO agencies in US are flourishing because they focus on executing low-cost, high impact digital marketing techniques that primarily aim to optimize conversion rate and increase ROI drastically.

Remaining aware of the engagement rate on your social media is also quite beneficial. You should keep an eye on how consumers feel about your brand and your product or service, and how they interact with it. This will enable you to take a proactive approach and solve their concerns accordingly. During these times it is crucial to engage effectively with consumers and establish trust and transparency. 

4. Optimize SEO


It is common knowledge that since the lock down, the majority of the people are spending more time on the internet than ever before- shopping, reading, scrolling etc, which is why if a business is to survive, it has to rank higher on SEO. According to research, marketing search engines have evidently seen a 300+ percent increase in organic search visibility from January 19 2020 to March 19, 2020. This provides you with an unprecedented opportunity to gain the most out of the situation through optimization SEO in order to increase conversions and build your brand long-term.  There are ample ways to optimize your SEO during these afflicted times, such as incorporating efficient keywords and building effective, powerful content. The primary goal should be to build a strong relationship between you and your customers, which will even set you up for success after the crisis is over. 

It is undeniable that these afflicted times have proven quite difficult for all of us. Businesses therefore require extra effort and careful consideration in order to survive by leveraging the situation as best as they can. 

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Mountainise Inc. is here to help you during these critical times. We are a progressive digital marketing agency that incorporates the best AI-based marketing tools to guarantee the most optimum results from all aspects of your marketing strategy. We have listed only a few of the strategies that can help, however, if you have any more concerns or require assistance, feel free to contact us!