Email Automation

We can help you send personalized email messages when users visit your website, send special offers, subscribe to newsletter, abandon cart and much more

  • Segmentation – Identify customers by their activities on website
  • Dynamic Content – One size doesn’t fit to everyone
  • Nurturing – Immediate and one time sales are not enough. Keep nurturing
Email Automation
CRM Automation

CRM Automation

Automate Customer services, Support, Information and other processes in order to synchronize and organize everything about your customers and provide them exceptional services

  • Pre & Post Sales – Present offers before and after a purchase is made

  • Organize Data – To tag for personalized messages

  • Customer Loyalty – Present exclusive offers to frequent buyers

Sales Automation

Sales Automation tools enables you to budget, organize leads and forecast expected sales

  • Automated Sales Pipeline – Track each stage of the process

  • Smooth Follow up – Identify the stages at which you’re losing the most leads

  • Better Closing – Close more leads in less time

Sales Automation
Social Media Automation

Social Media Automation

Schedule posts and manage interactions to build social media presence and benefit from huge business potential social platforms offer.

  • Build Community – Target users on their likes & dislikes

  • Regular Sharing – Community shares by word of mouth

  • Viral Marketing – Improved customer engagement builds credibility quicker


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  • Low sales?

  • High customer acquisition cost?

  • Problems improving conversion rate optimization?

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