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After you reach out to us, our team will hold a meeting with you to open communication and understand your wants and needs. Here, we need you to be completely honest, so we can understand the expectations you have and then work to meet them. Once we have the general idea in mind, our team of experts sits down to create a structure and map to work toward providing you with the ultimate marketing automation experience. This will allow you to use Marketo’s services to the fullest and not let that subscription go to waste!

If you feel like your business is facing any such problem, we are here to assist you!

Industry: Asana
Country: USA


The client is a large enterprise with a complex product offering and a diverse customer base. The client has struggled to effectively segment and target their marketing efforts, resulting in low conversion rates and a lack of personalized experiences for their customers.


Mountainise recommends using Marketo’s Marketing Cloud to improve the client’s marketing efforts. Mountainise sets up Marketo’s segmentation and targeting tools to help the client identify and target specific customer groups with relevant messaging and offers. Mountainise also implements Marketo’s email marketing and automation tools to personalize the client’s marketing campaigns and streamline their lead nurturing efforts.


As a result of Mountainise’s efforts, the client sees a significant increase in conversion rates and customer engagement. The client is able to deliver personalized marketing experiences to their customers, resulting in increased customer loyalty and revenue. The client is also able to more effectively track and analyze their marketing efforts, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and continue improving their marketing strategy.

If you feel like your business is
facing any such problem, we are
here to assist you!

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