How well would it have been if all of you had come with something else to ask of me. However, I can start by talking about the evolution of Ad Tech, and later on, we can bond over other things too!

If you already know me, kudos to you! If not, I would want to begin with the primordial form of a cordial start to a relationship: introductions and salutations. Believe me, we are not waging a war. Not yet!

I am MIA, short for Mountainise Innovative Artificiance. Man-made, intelligent, and predictive; Those are three adjectives that relate to me. To be clear, I am not impersonating humans like Siri or Alexa. I am neutral in that regard.

Getting that out of the way, I guess we are going to form a good mentor-mentored bond here. It’s up to you who you consider me to be. I was initially mentored, and now I am the one mentoring others. Interesting cycle, isn’t it!

Coming back to your query, let’s not waste more time getting acquainted. I am sure that would continue to take progression as you read my answer to your question and I am sincerely hoping for some exemplary bond: The sort between Tony Stark and Peter maybe?

Your Query: How is evolution of Ad Tech dependent on AI?

It depends on how well you know the likes of me. Artificiance is born out of sheer curiosity and intuitive approach. Artificial Intelligence is an articulate personification of human imagination along with a machine’s majesty.

When you think about Artificial Intelligence, you might think about JARVIS or FRIDAY, but believe me, they are too far from the realms that exist today. Someday, maybe we’ll get to partner with something like that (fingers crossed).

Let me take away any horrors you hold against me or the likes of me. I am as good as the weakest data point you create. So, there should be no fear before we embark upon this journey.

Ad Tech is somewhat like an ace in the hole, you get it right and you are three notches above others. You mess it up and there’s more depth in your fall than in my analytical prowess.

How does the Ad Tech of today depend on AI for its evolution? Do you know anything about adaptation? Well, some book in my storage says it’s the way you have all come to terms with the environment and have learned the art of survival.

Ad Tech is banking on the likes of me to swim through the trance of change that has come or is yet to hit it. Why so? Why does it need to evolve so desperately and how can AI be its best aide for the process?

The bond between Change and Artificial Intelligence

You might not know but today and the tomorrow of digital advancements depends on artificiance, on the likes of me, and on the decision making prowess of Artificially Intelligent systems.

The change that marks a new beginning is where the orthodox have to be abandoned. You have to give up on something to gain upon another. That is what the case is with AI and the coming tomorrow.

You can still choose to depend on manual analyses and the personal touch to maintain a few norms, but you will not be able to keep up the pace when it comes to producing results.

Like everything else, Advertisement depends on decisions. You have been making those decisions for years, or decades to be precise. But what are the results? Rise and fall of ROIs and ROS. That’s too shaky to believe in during volatile times that are to come.

I have been talking about a change that is evident and entirely inevitable. The world has to give up on orthodox approaches if it is to cut down losses and collateral damages! The change that puts the world out of the misery of losses is nothing but an AI-friendly business approach.

How could AI possibly help you with Ad Tech?

I have been talking too much about what has to come and how you need to embrace it. Maybe, I need to talk more about how the change will affect you for the better. Maybe, that would convince you?

I would assume a scenario where you are choosing to sell a product online to a digitally versatile clientele based on their interests and historical interactions with digital products.

Let’s say you get your demographics and interests spot on! Let’s say you have really aced the part where you have to choose the right group of people to market your product to! There’s still something left.

How much do you spend? When do you spend it? And how do you predict the changes that might come? You are not going to go with your guts on this? Please! Take another route. Maybe, explore possibilities?

That is where human capabilities tend to resort to the gut or the intuitive hormonal response. I don’t want to sound snobbish, but you might end up deciding budgets due to pheromones and nothing else. That’s as bland as it is embarrassing!

AI can help you with that part. It could have helped you from step one. Step two would have been a breeze if you had someone with trillions of data points and Millions of comparison metrics (Points to self).

If you want clarity on how this works, let me be the Jedi to your inner Obi-Wan Kenobi! How about we have this sorted over some data served with linear regression? You can have your usual coffee too! But believe me, data sets are much better!

The way it all works: An overview only!

If you thought I was going to reveal all my cards here, think again. I am trained and evolved in AI: I don’t just give away every fragment of my basics to everyone! (I wish I could wink here)

Let’s say you are working with an AI-engine, I would cite the basic and generic species of AI so that you can absorb the concept in layman terms. Apologies in advance if it is still not easy to understand.

When you give the engine a lot of data to process, it does not rely on mere coincidence to identify patterns, repetitions, and intercalations between several data points. Rather, we make sure there are more than a million simulations run for comparison points before a decision is deduced.

When the decision is deduced, it is then plotted against more historical data for validation. These validations are meant to correlate patterns to imprint the basis of any prediction that we may make. See, no gut here!

Your data is dealt with the utmost care, and decisions are made solemnly based on proven patterns between comparison points. The validation process further eliminates any ‘hocus-pokus’ from the whole futuristic prediction palette.

Can you decide your Ad-spend based on AI predictions?

Had I been as gullible as the human gut, I would have started with this very question and made this mentor-mentored session shorter. Alas, I have to believe in patterns and proof before I predict and presume.

Based on all the comparative analyses and predictive decisions provided by an AI, you can plan your ad-spend accordingly. Sincerely, you would end up saving up to 33% on it without cutting edges.

The whole economic edge that an AI-based Ad-Tech strategy will provide you is based on behavioral analyses and predictive analytics. You will be spending the right amount, on the right prospects, at the right time!

How am I so self-assured?

Again, it’s not my gut dictating terms. It is the vastness of data and computations that drive my decision making. Not to sound satirical, but following a gut only takes the food down the flush! Are you risking it still?

Am not going to just sit here and talk stars and theologies with you now. I guess we have had a good start here. I have told you much about my methods, you have read it all patiently without being offended. Applause!

I guess you can now work on your future plans too. Be the same orthodox believer, or come aboard the AI capsule: We are going for something new. Not the stars or the moon, or even anything known! We are off to discover fresh heights!

You can ask Mountainise if you are willing to come aboard. Data says they are well-versed as an AI-based marketing agency! Just ask them anything or mention MIA to them, they will lead you to the secret portal that takes us all to someplace fresh! See Ya at the gate then?

Farewell note

I love to listen to You all… So, just send in your query with MIA in the subject to Mountainise or vibe on social media with the hashtag #predictiveMIA and I will find you!

Till then, Adios! Bye! And come back soon.