An Artificial Intelligence solution for your business performance optimization that increases your Profits, Provides actionable insights, Indicators to Sales Team and Keeps customers satisfied with personalized automation building.

which challenges you can face during digital marketing?

Actionable Insights

Power of Artificial Intelligence is with quality data. To make it happen we have our own data analytics & transforming system.

  • Reporting without discrepancy and providing right attribution

  • Pre-process live data for the Machine Learning algorithms

Machine Learning

There is no replacement of Human mind but MIA improves the business performance upto 4x without additional input into your business.

  • MIA uses variety of models to determine the most accurate one

  • Keeps feeding the final results back into the Machine Learning to improve the convergence

Social Linking
CRM Automation

DAAS (Data As A Service)

Using your own data for business decision-making is one way to predict the possible success and failure paths however MIA gets signal across the industries

  • Predictions based on market trends, volatility and consumers interest to your business

  • Highly useful for Marketing, Sales and Product teams. Helps C-Level to compare positioning against competitors

Sales and Marketing

MIA is the only AI solution that works end-to-end prioritization for your efforts and directions in marketing and sales. Your every cent in advertising is being taken care of.

  • Actionable insights for your omni-channel marketing and predictions

  • No more crap in sales funnel. Predicted prioritization for higher customer lifetime value expectancy

Google Ads manager

Satisfied Customers

Personified marketing is the future of brands. How do you implement it even with most expensive tools like Salesforce? MIA helps you to devise the automations and extensive personas precisely. 

  • Personalized customers journey for everyone with Artificial Intelligence

  • Connect your automation tools and social profiles to get prediction about customer life time value expectancy

Profits and Scalability

Find the ROI on every marketing and sales effort. Most accurate calculations on conversions. Scaling the business from right point is easier than ever with your own data.

Sales Automation