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Looking for marketing automation services for email automation, filtered email extensions for targeted customers, lead management, and more of such automation-related tasks? We have experts at Mountainise who can help you with these tasks and more using the Pardot platform. All you gotta do is reach out to us.

Our Methodology!

Collecting Data

Our CDP software allows us to collect and store all types of customer data from various sources in one place. This makes it easier to access and analyze the data, allowing for more accurate insights.

Organizing data

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey, we organize the data and develop customer identities. This involves connecting anonymous raw data to customer profiles, allowing us to understand the customer better.

Activating data

Mountainise connects the acquired data to all the platforms through which a business interacts with its customers. This allows for a more efficient and targeted approach to marketing.

Gathering insights

Lastly, we use the data to gather valuable insights that can help a business pivot its strategy. By having all the information in one place, businesses can develop customer personas and only target the right segment of customers.

Case Study

Customer Success Story

Industry: Insurance Company

Region: Hingham, MA

The company was facing the problem of data visualization and email spamming. The former was hindering them from tracking their progress, while the latter was a problem for their customers since they were getting useless emails.

Using the platform Pardot, our experts dashboarding all the information of the company’s customers through data integration to cater to the data visualization problem. In addition, there was also an issue about email spamming. To solve the case, we improved their HTML dynamic content.

As a result of the implementation of Pardot, we solved the company’s problems. Resultantly, the company was able to visualize its data. Besides, since there was no issue of data clashing after the improvement of the dynamic content of HTML, there is no issue of email spamming.

If you feel like your business is facing any such problem, we are here to assist you!

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