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Salesforce sales cloud is built solely for the sales side of your business. It provides you with tools such as contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads, activities, and tasks. But how do you make use of it? Well, that is what we are here to help you with. Acquiring software is just one step in setting up your business; managing it is another story.

But why worry when you can get help from our team of experts specializing in exactly this? At Mountainise, we have worked to get a team of experts together who can help you figure out all your sales needs, including making use of the salesforce sales cloud.

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At Mountainise, we work round the clock to ensure your business thrives. We treat every business with extra care and understand each business model before we even begin our work. This is what makes us so good at what we do. Each proposal is customized and made only for you. So reach out to us at your earliest to find solutions to all your sales problem from dedicated experts at Mountainise!

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Industry: Insurance Company 
Region: Hingham, MA 
Project Title: Management of Salesforce Sales Cloud


The company wanted to track the sales process for which various things needed to be done pertaining to the Salesforce Sales Cloud. 

How we did it

Within the Salesforce, we created sales process dashboards for the company. Within the sales process dashboards, we have also been able to manage their cadences. We used Sales Cadence Builder to create custom sales cadences for better guidance of sales reps through handling different types of prospects. In addition to that, we also enabled their Einstein activity capture option so that the company can understand how account-based marketing has impacted their sales. 


Overall sales activities of the company were managed conveniently, thereby enabling the company to better comprehend their customers’ behaviour. 

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