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The biggest issues companies are facing after implementing the Salesforce is lack of optimal utilisation for the business processes. It happens as frequently as you can think. Even if you have a Salesforce Administrator, the efficiency can only be enhanced when a Business System Analyst is working closely with it. Business System Analysts at Mountainise will make you rest assured once you start relying on their business advice. If you want to receive a fully-customised proposal from Mountainise, reach out to us now!

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Once you have submitted your proposal, we will reach out to you so we can schedule meetings with you to understand your business model. Besides being competent, our BSAs are great listeners. This enables them to analyse and scrutinise your business well so that they can come up with the best possible solutions for your website.

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Industry: Auto Manufacturing
Region: North America
Project Title: Project Revival: Customer engagement and revival through AI modeling of social data


The company is a software development company which was relying on manual transference of data, which wasn’t an efficient practice. They consulted Mountainise to get their data organized automatically and in a well-managed way for their data automation and marketing cloud configuration.

How we did it

We configured their marketing cloud and connected it with SFMC. We also synchronised the fields that were required as per the business needs and created a synchronised data extension within the SFMC through the report activity. Additionally, we created the publication lists and the suppression lists using SQL to manage their unsubscribe rate.


All the problems were addressed as per the client’s needs. Resultantly, we were able to help the company handle its data using SFMC configuration instead of relying on the manual methodology.

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