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Every company has data stored in various different places. For them, their website data is not available for the data collected by their app, and their WhatsApp and Instagram data is not available for the other two. This is the most inefficient way, and businesses tend to struggle a lot due to this. It hurdles their growth, and the insight they get from the data only tells them half of the story. This is where Mountainise comes into play. With Salesforce integration, Mountainise gathers data from various sources and arranges it all in one place. It can now be used to develop valuable insights that are the primary basis for the entire marketing strategy.

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Salesforce integration enables you to develop a well-researched strategy with strong statistical backing. Rather than formulating a plan based on intuition, it is always wise to have a strategy based on the insights from the data. Mountainise allows you to prevent this whole hassle. Experts at Mountainise have years of experience in Salesforce integration and are well aware of its nitty gritty. This is why it can be more beneficial to hire them instead of doing this all by yourself.

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