Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

At Mountainise, staff augmentation sits at our core, connecting businesses with the global talent they need to drive growth and meet strategic goals. Our solution bridges the skills gap in your team, preparing your business for future challenges in the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Our staff augmentation services go beyond meeting immediate staffing needs. We align with your long-term business strategies and offer flexibility to adapt to changing project demands and market conditions. By connecting you to a diverse global talent pool, we equip your business with the resources to expand its horizons and achieve new heights of success.

Our Methodology!

Data Collection

It all initiates with the data collection. Mountainise collects all the data for your business. This includes all data related to the customer interactions and development of the customer personas.

Organizing data

Since data is the most important factor when it comes to analyses, Mountainise organises your data to convert raw data into traceable organized data that can be further used to gather insights.

Devising a strategy

After the data is organized, Mountainise uses the data to have enough insights to devise a marketing strategy and target the desired audience both effectively and efficiently.

Implementating the strategy

An excellent strategy on a piece of paper kept somewhere in the locker is a simply a waste. The strategy must be translate into implementation and in turn results. At Mountainise, we keep a track of it all.

Case Study

Customer Success Story

Industry: Software Company

Region: North America

Project Title: Development of an Attribution Engine for Visibility and Data Lake

Hudl, a software company, was struggling with incorrect attribution and incomplete pipelines linked to their marketing assets and campaigns in Salesforce.
At Mountainise, we developed tailor-made attribution pipelines for the company, taking into consideration their unique business model and marketing campaigns. We distributed their revenue based on several touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Furthermore, we carried out an in-depth analysis of successfully closed deals, allowing us to track changes within Salesforce and comprehend the influence of each touchpoint on the pipelines. This provided the company with a complete understanding of their overall attribution process.
We constructed a new marketing attribution campaign and conducted an exhaustive analysis, thereby enhancing the company’s understanding of their performance. This fresh perspective allowed them to make more informed decisions, leading to progress in their overall marketing strategy.

If you feel like your business is facing any such problem, we are here to assist you!

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