All the world-renowned digital marketing experts believe there are going to be big changes waiting to happen in 2019 in digital marketing. This piece elaborates on major changes we need to prepare ourselves for and improvise accordingly as per the most seasoned marketers.

The Rise of Audio and Video

Gary Vaynerchuk predicted two years ago that this is the time of rise of audio and voice. Before AR and VR and AI, audio is going to be the next major platform shift for consumer attention. Neil Patel in his recent blog also stressed the importance of voice search. He supported his argument by stating the statistics that in 2018, 2 out of every 5 adults used voice search once per day. But in 2020, 50% of all searches will be done through voice search according to ComScore.

More people will be searching through devices like Alexa and Google Home which means that SEO will also move to voice search. Being on number 1 won’t matter when searches will be dominantly done through voice, conversions will drop as users will be given answers and they won’t have to visit the website. Companies should gear up from today and optimize their websites to bring more traffic from voice search. 

He further stresses that marketers need to shift their focus on search engines other than Google. Since this is the audio and video age, focusing energies on Youtube will reap benefits. These channels are not that competitive yet and it is comparatively easy to rank on them without any hefty budgets too. A video recorded by phone will suffice as people prefer candid camera recordings over studio-recorded because of their originality.

Going Omnichannel

With technology advancing at a high speed the digital marketing channels are also becoming saturated. No single medium is better than the other therefore brands need to adopt an omnichannel approach. Multi-channels orchestrated to cooperate together are likely to provide an all-encompassing and more comprehensive coverage than using a single channel for business growth.

Gary Vaynerchuk believes that it is futile in the digital age to spend billions of dollars on TV commercials which nobody watches and that wise companies need to pour their money “completely” and “obsessively” around Facebook and Instagram in 2019. Companies which do not utilize these social media platforms according to Gary are doomed to lose. The rationale that your business audience is not on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is like living in fool’s paradise.

No one medium is better than the other and a holistic marketing approach is going to work now. He illustrates that dominant niche retail leader worth multi-billion dollars, like Toys “R” Us, failed because they did not believe in the power of the internet and did not innovate. Blockbuster, ABC, CBS, and ESPN are all out of business because they did not keep pace with technological advancements.

He further predicts all the convenience stores will be wiped off in the next 20 years with the instant online buying option becoming the norm. This means that the “golden era” is over and the cost of advertising will shoot from single digit dollars to double digits dollars.

It’s the Users, stupid!

Neil Patel further believes, ranking on Google will become more challenging with Google Algorithm updates that will be more complex than ever. Apart from content and backlinks, Google will look at other metrics like user duration, bounce rate, and CTR. Google places the site on top which users like the most, therefore, businesses should adopt a user-centric approach for their website to continually stay on the top. Using blogs to keep on top won’t be as effective, as Google now has a deluge of content and it will only place value on the content that is not trite and most importantly gives credit to content that is best for the end user. Businesses need to focus, focus and focus on what users want not what they want to sell to users. Businesses and companies should know that there is only one cardinal belief: Users are Holy.  

The name of the game is: CRO

At the end of the day, businesses are concerned about ROI. And the best way to achieve is through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). As the cost of running ads will go high in the coming days, running an A/B tests to find what works best will become imperative. Chances are, your competition may already be doing it. Click here to find out more.

The machine is optimizing activities for each customer across known channels (digital, paper, brick
and mortar).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will change the game totally. It will blow your mind, and it will hit you hard and it will hit you without you even realizing. Companies who want to stay big need to capitalize on the medium of the moment.  All the businesses and brands need to accept the dominance of the internet and its power to change the dynamics. If businesses don’t innovate and evolve with the internet or digital marketing they will die. But don’t be afraid, Mountainise is one the best digital marketing agency in Pakistan that provides AI-based data driven marketing.

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