TAM Analysis

Starting a new company can be nerve-wracking. Not sure about how big your target market might be? Don’t worry; Mountainise is here to save the day1 Providing the best Total Addressable Market (TAM) Analysis you can possibly find, Mountainise will ease all your concerns. By providing three different approaches, Mountainise makes sure you are completely satisfied with the results you get and can use them as widely as possible!

How exactly does Mountainise calculate the TAM?


In this approach, we make use of market reports and industry data to highlight your total addressable market. This is a quick and less time-consuming version of TAM analysis.


In this approach, company data is used. Mountainise will need access to your previous sales data, which will help us identify the potential your company has and offer an accurate TAM analysis.

Value Theory

We take a look at just how much value customers are receiving from your product or service. This is an integrated approach that covers all areas of the market and allows Mountainise to offer you a comprehensive TAM analysis.

Administring the approaches

Once we identify which approach to use for your business, we implement it and administer the results under the supervision of experts.

You can opt for any of these services offered by Mountainise based on what works best for your company. And if you are unsure, simply book a consultation with our experts to guide you!

Our Success Story!

Industry: Software Development

Region: USA

Project Title: Optimization of revenue by identification of the market


The company had potential to grow revenue but it was unable to trace down the actual target market. This kept them from achieving the optimal revenue. 


We employed all the three methods: top-down, bottom up, and value theory in order to identify the company’s Total Addressable Market. In the first method, we did data scrapping through various sources to accumulate the potential leads for the company. In the second methodology, we looked at the past data and pricing of the company see strategies that resulted in declining their customer base. In the last approach, we  made sure to let the company know about the customers’ preferences regarding price. 


In no time, the company was able to increase their revenue by 100%. 

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