Email Marketing

In the virtual world, sending emails is the best way to communicate directly and professionally with your target audience and customers. 

According to research, every $1 spent on email business gets a return of $44

Around 92% of internet users have at least one email account; this means you can reach your audience quickly. 

By looking at the above statistics, we know that email marketing is one of the most significant assets you can have as a business or a personal brand. 

Below we are going to provide you with a step by step guide for your email marketing strategy. 

Formulate a list

Marketing via email is easy, affordable, and automated. If you are new to email marketing, you must know that the first and foremost step is to formulate your list. 

Does the question arise how you can filter your target market and make a relevant list for your email marketing campaign? 

It might require some of your time, but the results will be worth the effort. 

There are several ways that can help you in formulating your email marketing list, some of which are described below.

Business Card

You must know about your business’s target market. If your business focuses on B2B marketing, you have a better chance of obtaining contact information through business cards. Collect relevant email addresses and formulate your list. 

FB leads and Customer Information

Facebook leads ad campaigns can make the process of obtaining the email addresses of your audience easier.

Businesses must engage their audience with social media posts and content. After running lead-generating campaigns, if the prospects have shared their contact information publicly then the list formulation will be easier.

You must know that this list formation is essential for optimizing your future email marketing campaigns, nurturing leads, and retaining customers.

Website Traffic

Do not let the traffic of your website go to waste. Create pop-ups and subscription forms for visitors. 

This step will help you in gathering the email ID and contact information of the interested audience. In such ways, businesses collect information to contact and build direct relationships with their customers. 

Other ways to generate a list of your target market include sign up forms, email networks, purchasing contact information, etc., depending on your budget. 

Sign Up for an Email Service Provider Account

Email service providers offer a smooth process for sending and receiving email services. Besides delivering, these applications also design email templates and manage contact lists on a larger scale.

Most email service providers are free of cost, but some features might include a premium package price. Some of the best email providers include Hubspot, Mailchimp, Protonmail, and Sharpspring.  

Design an Email Context Template

Before initiating your email marketing campaign, you must design a template. Hubspot and other email applications provide options to formulate and customize your email. 

If we take an example for creating templates on Hubspot. First of all 

Go to Dashboard > Marketing > Design and Templates >Create a New File. 

Then choose your preferences and formulate an email template in no time. 

Create a “Convertful” Account and Connect your Website

Convertful is a beneficial application that can provide a wide variety of templates and integration to email providers. For instance, you can use smart behavior-based sign-up forms to gain more subscribers and leads.

You can find personal to agency-level packages in Convertful. After incorporating your business details, you can add integration and link with your desired ESP. 

Another way of adding Convertful to your WordPress site is with the help of a plugin. 

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Convertfull A modern age email marketing tool

This tool will help you in creating and developing your email marketing campaign smoothly. Edit, monitor, and audit the effectiveness of your email designs and upgrade your client interaction. 

Focus on your Email Subject Lines

You must note that the subject lines of your email matter a lot. Analyze what sort of email subject line attracts you as a viewer and then recreate those according to your business offerings.

You are not the only one sending emails to prospects, and that is why coming up with attractive headings that intrigue the viewers in opening your mail is essential. 

Some attractive email subject lines start with; 

Numbers; for example, 7 Hacks, 10 Trends, etc.

Words like; Tips, Hacks, Pro, Simple, Ultimate, and more.

Or you can address your audience personally by their name. 

Automate your Email Marketing

Email marketing helps your business get in direct contact with the customers. Not to mention, its cost-efficient and automated. You can set triggers for sending automated emails. 

Suppose, if someone has signed up on your website, you can set it as a trigger to send an automated email. 

For example, when using Hubspot, you go to automated > workflow and select your categories and options according to your business

Hubspot email workflows

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Analyze your email marketing campaigns

You can also audit your past performance regarding email marketing and make changes if required. 

In Hubspot, you will find performance and history options as well, which explain your campaign’s performance, leads, and conversions in detail. 

Thus, businesses have a better insight into how well their email marketing is performing. 

The detailed analysis of open rates, actions, and responsiveness will guide you to modify and improve your email marketing. 


Though it may sound conventional, email marketing is still a meaningful way to connect and retain your customers. During the pandemic, people have focused on digital platforms more than ever.

Showing mobile email

Each mobile and desktop device requires at least one email account. So if you look at this technically, email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach your customers at any place and any time. 

It may seem too much effort to send personalized emails. But once initiated, email marketing is convenient to automate. 

Hubspot, Sharpspring, and Active Campaign are some of the platforms which provide email automation.

From online retail stores to health centers, email marketing helps in business growth by direct contact and communicating with your audience through email. 

Therefore, do not let go of such trending and fantastic ways to develop your business. 

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