Only 22% businesses are satisfied with their conversion rate.

Conversion rate, as you may know, is the average of the visitors who came to your website and completed a specific action. Conversion Rate Optimization is defined as a process in which you make changes to the funnels of your website in order to enhance its effectiveness and increase the conversion rate. In the new age of digital marketing, you must have heard CRO is very important for your business. But how important is it? Here below are a few points described by Conversion Rate Optimization Agency that will help you understand the importance of CRO and why do you need it.

  1. It gets you the right kind of traffic

One of the reasons why you will be needing CRO is that it gets you the right type of traffic and saves you from wasting money on targeting random internet users. It targets the people who have better chances of converting or are somewhat familiar with your brand or they could be existing customers as well. This way you will generate more leads and customers paying no extra cost.

  1. Pay Per Click has become very competitive

Pay Per Click has become extremely popular in recent years and people are investing in Google Ads as this is the best way to boost anyone’s marketing efforts. But with the rising popularity now, not everyone can afford Google Ads which leads to the question that what could be the other way to attract visitors for those who cannot afford PPC. The answer to that is CRO, because it is the best alternative to PPC and it is cost-effective as well. It can also help you identify any problem within your funnel which makes it a great choice.

  1. It has a direct impact on your website’s efficiency

By using CRO you are not forcing potential customers into converting but rather you are making a user-friendly experience for the visitors, you are generating their interest on your website and you are engaging with them until they convert successfully. CRO is a process which is deemed never ending as long as you are using CRO your website will run smoothly and will be considered user-friendly. Not just that if your website’s efficiency is good you will receive a better rank in search engine result page (SERP).

  1. Profits and your conversion rate are directly tied

This is one of the most important reasons why you need CRO and there is no rocket science in it. It is simple! If your conversion rate is going up it means you’re achieving your goals and are driving more traffic to your website. The more traffic means more conversions and that means more profit. Your profit is very sensitive to your conversion rate. And not only you generate more profit but you also save other expenses i.e. PPC services like AdWords.

These are the main reasons that make CRO very important for your business. CRO has other benefits as well, but these are the reasons why it is a must-have for you. By spending on CRO you are making sure that your other marketing expenses go down and your profits go up.